Oral History

“When our tongues go they are not clocks to tell only the time present, but large books unclasped; and our speeches, like leaves turned over and over, discover wonders that are long since past.” - 17th Century Tract

Oral history gives a voice to individuals and groups who are sometimes marginalised in conventional histories – the working classes, women, disabled and ethnic minorities for example. However, it also allows for the recording of personalised memories and insights that can be preserved for future generations of the same family or for a wider audience.

Everyone has a story to tell about their life which is unique to them. They might have lived through monumental historical events, such as major wars, but even if they haven’t, personal stories allow everyday people to tell us what everyday life was like – something that is often overlooked in history books.

Oral history audio and video recordings are unique historical documents. We ensure that the appropriate format is used and the recording flows naturally. For video recordings we also intersperse lively, spontaneous and vivid memories with historical footage or photographs to weave a story together.






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