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Great multimedia harnesses the latest technology to deliver engaging and interactive materials. The audience is taken through a learning journey which informs and reinforces his or her understanding through a mixture of graphics, audio, simulations, questionnaire, multiple choice, animations, text and video. We specialise in managing large multimedia projects, guiding them from inception through the many production stages which include storyboarding, web design briefing, client liaison, coding, testing, revising and final delivery. And it’s all achieved to a fixed budget and on schedule.

Click on the buttons below to view a snapshot of three very different multimedia projects. Bear in mind that none of these screens is functional on this particular web platform.


This branch of science looks at a way of reconstructing evolutionary relationships.  Presented as a CDRom the multimedia content forms the basis of a practical primer.  Project managed for the BBC.

Beauty therapy
Beauty therapy

These materials produced for nln, the national learning network, give learners the opportunity to remember and practice new information, and take part in some form of assessment to check that the learning has been understood.

Leading from the middle
Leading from the middle

These materials form part of a professional development programme run by the National College for School Leadership for middle leaders in school (i.e. head of department, pastoral leader, advanced skills teacher and so on)








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